Chemical Storage

Using specialist tank design software, we can ensure that your tank requirements take account of location, weather (if outside), temperature, chemical media and number of cycles, alongside AutoCAD drawings for a smooth process through specification, design, fabrication and installation.

We offer design, fabrication and installation of tanks, vessels and bunds for a variety of applications, following the relevant specifications:

  • BS EN 12573 (Manufacture of Pure Thermoplastic Tanks)
  • BS4994:1987 Categories 1, 2 and 3 (Manufacture of Chemical Resistant Plastic Lined Dual Laminate Glass Fibre Reinforced Tanks) and
  • DVS 2205 (Calculation of Tanks and Apparatus made of Thermoplastics).

We have a breadth of experience of rectangular and circular tanks, using polypropylene and PPs, HDPE, PVC, PVDF and E-CTFE.  Our laminators can reinforce most materials with glass and a range of resins/gel coats.

A turnkey project, from design stage through installation and commissioning, connecting your finished vessel to your processes with the required thermoplastic pipework.

Tank Linings

In order to reduce downtime, and keep costs to a minimum, we can also discuss refurbishing existing infrastructure.

Existing tanks and bunds, whether steel, plastic, GRP or concrete, can be lined to add many years to their lives.  Depending on the application, we can reline using chemically resistant or general-purpose GRP, PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene or PVDF.

Key areas of application are:

  • galvanising plants (acid and rinse tanks)
  • hospitals (for water storage)
  • steelworks (acid bunds) and
  • aerospace works (anodising lines).
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