More than two years since the Group agreed to relocate IEP to larger premises, the move is now complete.

After more than 15 years in a slightly outdated site in Liphook, IEP’s team under MD Steve Barnes now has more than 17000sq ft to call home.  The new premises offers a significantly larger factory footprint, which has space enough for expansion and investment in new plant and machinery, as well as a much improved office environment.

IEP’s management were keen to avoid disruption to the team as much as possible, so for the vast majority of employees this site is closer to home.  Add in improved transport links and upgrades to IT, and IEP are well set for 2023 and beyond.


IEP is one of the UK’s leading fabricators and installer of industrial plastic fume extract ductwork to DW154.

As a full BESA member, customers can be assured of fully compliant manufacturing and installation, audited by BESCA for quality.

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