South Wales based Roperhurst has seen a surge in demand for PVC ductwork in 2013.  MD Bob Lane said “We have seen a large number of enquiries for circular and rectangular PVC ductwork and fittings, as well as similar PPS fabrications.  Customers are particularly reassured that we can fabricate to DW154, and the fact that they ask shows that customers are becoming much more savvy about standards.”

HVCA (now B&ES) DW154 is the industry standard for fabrication and installation of plastic ductwork.  It specifies the method of fabrication, including material thickness, extent of stiffening and glass reinforcement, as well as acceptable methods of installation.

Lane continues “Many main contractors assume that the basic principles of installation of plastic ductwork are the same as for metal ductwork (as set out in DW144), and are often shocked to find that there are differences.  Likewise they make the assumption that all fabricators make plastic ductwork DW154, and are very surprised to learn that some fabricators haven’t given the standard a second thought.”

We always recommend that customers look to the B&ES website to ensure that a supplier has the skills and experience to fabricate and install to DW154.

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