Roperhurst Limited, a specialist plastics and environmental engineering company based outside Barry, has just completed its most challenging assignment in Melbourne Australia. A team of six engineers carried out a major piece of refurbishment at the local steel works on behalf of an American customer.

Roperhust Managing Director Bob Lane said “We won the work off the back of similar jobs we had done in UK steel works for an American customer. They were so impressed by the quality of our work that they were prepared to fly us half way around the world in preference to sending their own people, or use local sub-contractors.”

The quality of Roperhurst’s people is no accident. Chief Executive Phillipe de Wilde explains “We are always on the look out for dedicated and resourceful people. We regularly employ people straight from school, and give them the opportunity to prove themselves. There is no limit to what they can achieve – there’s no better example than Bob Lane who joined the company straight from school some 29 years ago.”

Roperhurst hope that this assignment will be the first of many in Australasia. As Bob Lane explains “The feedback we have had from Melbourne, as well as from the US, has been superb. This is demanding, specialist and dangerous work. There’s no doubt they recognise that we’re one of the leaders in our field, in an industry where quality is everything. We’re looking forward to the next job.”

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