What is DW143?

DW143 “A practical guide to ductwork leakage testing” has clear explanations of the classes of ductwork that must be tested under regulations. DW143 deals with the practical considerations of leakage testing with useful hints and tips. It covers ductwork classification and air leakage and includes a useful example of a completed test sheet.

Our ductwork specialists offer testing to DW143 as a service alongside the installation of plastic ductwork to DW154.  In DW143 duct pressure is the sole criteria of whether to test or not – high pressure ductwork is mandatory, medium and low pressure ductwork is not.  However we would always recommend that these safety-critical systems are fully tested as part of a commissioning process.

What is LEV (local exhaust ventilation)?

LEV systems are designed to protect the user from health hazards arising from their activities, for example, laboratory fume hoods and cupboards, woodwork dust extraction, solder fumes, acid bath fumes, paint spraying booths and welding shops. In some cases exposure to the most extreme hazards could be fatal, or could cause chronic ill health.

Still not sure what an LEV is?  This short HSE video will help.

COSHH regulations require that such LEV systems be tested and certified by a suitably qualified person at least every 14 months to ensure that they are operating effectively.  The test checks both the initial design, and current effectiveness of the LEV to ensure that the risk to the individual is minimised.

Companies within the Safety Critical Plastic Solutions Group have been designing, commissioning and testing LEV systems for many years.  Our experienced staff can advise on effective design, and identify remedial actions should processes change or equipment need attention. Our customers include several local authorities as well as major industrial companies and NHS Trusts throughout Wales, the Midlands and South West.

We are not tied to any one LEV manufacturer, meaning we can offer you the right solution for your specific circumstances.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fume cupboards (schools, research and industrial)
  • Fume process control (surface finishing, welding, vehicle fumes)
  • Dust extraction (schools, woodworking)

There is some excellent free guidance available from HSE, including HSG258, which is free to download.  This is supplemented by the latest BESA publication TR40.

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